Inflatable bouncer Princess AQ357

Inflatable bouncers Princess

Make your kids feel like cinderella or snow white. This inflatable bouncer Princess makes your kids live the fairytale.This inflatable bouncer Princess will bring the best out of every child. Here they can jump into fantasyland and become every princess they want to be.

Inflatable bouncers have become very popular in every country. The aim are the children and the kids love it, but adults buy and rent inflatables  bouncers too.  Please check out our inflatable stock page which has a wide range of inflatable  bouncers for sale and ready for immediate collection or delivery.

Small inflatable bouncers to large inflatable bouncers, you name it...Airquee has it!! The sky is the limit!! From small inflatable bouncers to large inflatable multiplay activities, it is all here. We have inflatables for boys, girls, teenagers and adults.

Buying an inflatable bouncer Princess

When buying an inflatable bouncer, you have to make sure everything is safe for the children or anybody else using it. At Airquee we take care of our customers. Our first priority is safety. We can assure anybody who buys inflatables at Airquee, that our inflatable products are tested according to every safety standard. When you buy an inflatable bouncer, Airquee provides you a certificate EN14960. We offer you nothing but the best in inflatable bouncers. Our inflatable products come with quality assurance. Our team are making these inflatable bouncers with materials that come in high quality.

Certificates and guarantees

  • Certificate EN14960
  • Certificate M2, fire retardant
  • Protectionbag for transport
  • Anchors for a secure placement
  • Motor

With every inflatable product comes a warranty of 2 years. The prizes of the inflatable products come with VAT included.

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