First open air trampoline park installation in Europe

First open air trampoline park installation in Europe

Hajump installed the first open air trampoline park in Europe!
See our building up pictures online :

You want to test them, touch them, make a nice jumping picture?
It is open avery day : 1e slag, on the beach of ROCKANJE in Holland.
You can't miss it, this giant has the best location on ROCKANJE beach!
This is the FIRST outdoor trampoline park unit installed in Europe, you can find it indoor but this HAJUMP trampoline park unit is unique : first outdoor trampoline park in Europe.

Indoor trampoline park equipment from Hajump brand

For your trampoline park we are the only manufacturers in Europe! (if you are looking for only the best).
Action, attraction for young and adults, fun, sport,...
Jump Court, Jump Arena, Trampoline Park, Dodge Court, Foam pit, we have it all in our Hajump range.
Since 14 years we manufacture trampolines for leisure park, indoor and outdoor.
Our Hajump trampolines are installed all over the world.
Attention: this trampoline park units needs to be installed in a sports area with all the time supervising.
It is a sport product, not a leisure product.
Installing this in a indoor play area is not permitted in some countries.

Sports : aerobics, dodgeball, basketball,double flips,backflips,dance, zumba... imagine what you can do on our Hajump trampolines!
We are prepaird to build your indoor trampoline park, since 5 years we have our plans and models ready.

Install only the highest quality in your trampoline park!

The best in Europe : Hajump is your partner!
All is made in own factory, all goods are EU origin and made with only the best materials.
We build with steel tubes 80/80/4 and not with 50/3 tubes and keyclamb connectors, our construction is realy the strongest you can find in Europe!
Safety padding is not a thin layer of foam covered with pvc, our paddings are 6 cm high density foam and covered with 650 gr/m² pvc classefied M2 fire retardant.
If you are looking for a strong, good looking and the heighest quality indoor trampolines :Hajump is your partner!

Price offer

You need a price offer?
Contact us so we can help you with a design following the free space you have and respecting your budget at all time.


We do not offer a franshising facility, we help you from idea over design and opening of your park.
Franshising means that you are depending and your profit will never be as good as you will be the owner himself.

Only manufacturer in Europe?

Maybe not but we are sure we offer you the heighest quality at all time.
Compare our Hajump trampoline park products before you buy anywhere else, we have also the best after sales service what is verry important for each of our customers.

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